Truck Accident Treatment for Back & Neck Injuries – Columbus, Ohio

By | February 6, 2018

Truck accidents can be very serious and perhaps even deadly.  Most of the time there is some injury to the neck and back.  A recent truck driver was involved in an accident and came in to see us for care in our Columbus, Ohio office.  You can read about his treatment for neck, back and shoulder pain here:

Patient: 27 year old female, 5’-3”, 152lbs, blood pressure 134/74mmHg, pulse 92bpm, and 18 breaths per minute.

Mechanism of Injury: The victim was involved in an automobile accident and was rear-ended by a semi truck, where paramedics used jaws-of-life remove her from the vehicle.

Hospital Treatment/Medications: She had a head and neck CT scan, shoulder and bilateral knee x-rays, all of which were negative for fracture, dislocation, or hemorrhage. She was prescribed 30mg oxycodone (for pain), 15mg diazepam (muscle relaxer). She had some relief from her symptoms, but still unable work due to her condition.

Subjective: Her condition did not improve and she came in for an evaluation 2 days later. She presents with neck pain 9/10, upper back pain 8/10, low back pain 7/10, and right shoulder pain 8/10, and bilateral knee pain 8/10.

Visual Inspection: She had facial cuts, head tilted right, high left shoulder, right shoulder bruising, and swelling of both knees.

Manual Palpation: Her cervical paraspinal musculature was in severe spasm bilaterally, right shoulder and upper back was unbearable to be touched due to sensitivity. Her rhomboids were severely tight, her right rotator cuff muscles were in moderate spasm, and she had a severe muscle spasm of the lumbar spine.

Range of Motion Assessment: She could not look up or down more than 5 degrees, could only move her right shoulder out 60 degrees, could only bend forward 10 degrees, and could not bend her knees past 30 degrees.

Chiropractic Treatment Day 1: Her neck pain decreased to 7/10 and her neck range of motion improved to 15 degrees up and down. Her upper back was 6/10, low back pain 5/10, shoulder pain 5/10, and knee pain 6/10.

After 1 Week of Treatment: Her neck pain was a 5/10, upper back pain 4/10, low back pain 3/10, right shoulder pain 5/10, and knee pain 3/10. At 3 weeks, she could move her neck range without pain, and had no difficulty leaning forward. Her neck pain was a 1/10, upper back pain was 1/10, and low back pain 1/10, right shoulder pain 2/10, and knee pain 0/10. The patient returned to work 1 week after the accident and was released on the 4th week of treatment due to improved mobility, strength, and reduced pain. Her blood pressure was reduced to 112/68mmHg.

Many patients who seek our chiropractic services have similar outcomes, with improved ranges of motion, increased strength, improved mood, and normalized blood pressure.

Truck accidents can cause many problems for individuals with neck, back, shoulder, knee pain, and sciatica, and with chiropractic care, their problems were solved with proper manipulative therapy and home care instructions.

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