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By | February 6, 2018

Do you have neck pain?  Did you suffer a whiplash injury after a car accident? Are you looking for treatment? The  doctors at Northtowne Chiropractic here in Columbus, Ohio can help you just like they did for this patient:

Patient: 52 year old female, 5’-5”, 174lbs, blood pressure 142/94mmHg, pulse 80bpm, and 16 breaths per minute.

Mechanism of Injury: The driver was involved in car accident and was hit on the passenger side at 20mph. She did not go to the hospital and decided to take 200mg Ibuprofin per day with no relief of her symptoms.

Subjective: Her condition did not improve and she came in for an evaluation 1 week later. She presents with a sharp, stabbing, aching neck pain of 8/10.

Visual Inspection: Her head was tilted to the right and her left shoulder was elevated. There is no visual bruising or swelling.


Manual Palpation: There was severe right upper cervical paraspinal muscle spasm with a left lower cervical paraspinal muscle spasm.

Range of Motion Assessment: She could only turn her head left 20 degrees and right 25 degrees.

Cervical X-Rays: Bone density is adequate with no evidence of fracture. There is moderate hypolordosis of the cervical spine at C3-C7. There is no evidence of soft tissue swelling. There is cortical thickening of the posterior elements of C4-C6 and loss of disc space between C4/C5, C5/C6.

Chiropractic Treatment Day 1: Treatment started with a cold pack to her neck, with vibromassage, and cold laser to the affected area. Her neck pain decreased to 6/10 and her neck rotation range of motion improved 30 degrees left and 35 degrees right without pain.

After 1 Week of Treatment: Her neck pain was a 3/10 and she was able to look over her shoulders with minimal discomfort.

The patient returned to work 3 weeks after the accident and was released on the 4th week of treatment due to improved mobility, strength, and reduced pain. Her blood pressure was reduced to 124/74mmHg.

Many patients who seek our chiropractic services have similar outcomes, with improved ranges of motion, increased strength, improved mood, and normalized blood pressure.

Car accidents can cause many problems for individuals with neck pain, and with diagnostic cervical x-rays and chiropractic care, their problems were solved with delicate manipulative therapy and home care instructions.

Call 614-428-9310 to schedule your car accident appointment and possible neck x-rays today!

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