3 thoughts on “Neck Pain. Chiropactic Care. Whiplash Headaches Columbus, Ohio

  1. Dale Corbin

    Adjustments simply allows the body to work at its maximum capacity via the nervous system so your body can do the job it was meant to do and live optimally. Great adjustment video!

  2. John Davidson

    You have great adjustment skills.

  3. Karen Johnson

    I truly SUFFER from migraines! I remember my first migraine 20 years ago, and as I’ve gotten older, they have become more and more consistent. Before I started working with Dr. VanSuch, I was getting 2-3 debilitating migraines a week. I went from 2-3 a week, to 2-3 a month, which was FANTASTIC. Better than that, the duration of each migraine started getting shorter. It’s been nearly 3 months since I’ve had a migraine, and I cannot tell you how liberating that is! Between regular visits to my favorite chiropractic office and a healthier lifestyle it works it really really works!

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