Semi-Truck Crash Treatment for Neck/Back Pain – Columbus, Ohio

By | February 6, 2018

Here is a case study of one of our patients who got relief from his pain in our Columbus, OH office:

Patient: 34 year old male, 6’-1”, 198lbs, blood pressure 142/94mmHg, pulse 80bpm, and 16 breaths per minute.

Mechanism of Injury: The victim was involved in a truck accident and was sleeping in the cabin bed at the time of the accident. He fell out of the bed onto the floor of the truck and suffered from headaches and back pain that prevented him standing straight.

Hospital Treatment/Medications: He had x-rays were taken of the low back and left shoulder, and a CT scan of the head and neck, both coming back negative for fractures, dislocations, or hemorrhages. He was prescribed 300mg Ibuprofen (headache and inflammation treatment) and 15mg Flexeril (muscle relaxer) per day.

Subjective: His pain and headaches persisted 4 days following the accident and came in for and evaluation to the clinic. His headaches were 8/10, his neck pain was 8/10, middle back pain 7/10, low back pain 8/10, left shoulder pain 6/10, and radiating left leg pain 9/10.

Visual Inspection: His gait leaned to the right, left shoulder elevated, head tilted left, and he had poor posture due to his pain.

Manual Palpation: He had severe lumbar erectors muscle spasm bilaterally, a moderate muscle spasm of the middle back bilaterally, a severe muscle spasm of the left cervical paraspinal musculature, and his left shoulder had moderate muscle guarding bilaterally in his trapezius, levator scapulae, and scalene muscles. His left shoulder had tenderness in the rotator cuff muscles.

Range of Motion Assessment: He could only look over his left shoulder 10 degrees, raise his arm past 90 degrees, and could not lean forward to any degree without shooting leg pain.

Chiropractic Treatment Day 1: Patient received spinal manipulation to his neck, middle and lower back.  Patient also received spinal decompression therapy to his lumbar spine. His neck pain decreased to 6/10 and his neck range of motion improved to 45 degrees. His low back pain decreased to 7/10, middle back pain to 6/10, leg pain 7/10, and headaches 3/10.

After 1 Week of Treatment: His shoulder pain decreased to 3/10 and he regained full shoulder range of motion. At 3 weeks, he had full restoration of his neck range of motion and he could bend forward with ease. His neck pain was a 2/10, middle back pain was 1/10, low back pain 1/10, and no more radiating leg pain. His blood pressure was reduced to 126/78mmHg.

The patient returned to work 2 weeks after the accident and was released on the 4th week of treatment due to improved mobility, strength, and reduced pain.

Many patients who seek our chiropractic services have similar outcomes, with improved ranges of motion, increased strength, improved mood, and normalized blood pressure.

Truck accidents can cause many problems for individuals with neck, back, shoulder, knee pain, and sciatica, and with chiropractic care, their problems were solved with proper manipulative therapy and home care instructions.

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