BOOM! Whiplash Happens. Treat With Columbus Neck Injury Doctors on Morse Road

By | January 28, 2018

What Just Happened?

The light was red, and BOOM, a car just crashed into the back of yours immediately changing your life. You’re dizzy, confused, and in shock. In the blink of an eye your smooth and quiet ride home just became anything but.

You have Whiplash

The moment of the accident, your head jerks to one side and then back again, all within a fraction of a second. Because your head is too heavy to be properly restrained by the muscles and ligaments in your neck, they get stretched beyond their physical limits and tear.

The medical diagnosis for your injury is called a cervical sprain/strain, but the term Whiplash is more often used because it describes the injury very accurately.

Watch Dr. Larry VanSuch, an associate of Dr. Dan Jurus and Dr. Rick Horsfield, explain the mechanics of a whiplash injury in the video below:

It doesn’t take much

Serious head and neck injuries can occur even from a minor fender bender. If you are distracted, looking the wrong direction or simply unprepared for the amount of force you’re about to take, the neck muscles and ligaments can easily tear upon impact. Injuries like this can last months to years after a collision if not corrected.

Chiropractic Treatment Helps Faster Recovery

In regards to whiplash-type injuries, the cervical vertebrae often get misaligned. This can initially cause tension in the muscles and ligaments. It can also cause uneven wear and tear on the bones leading to arthritis and possibly a pinched nerve.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to help restore your vertebrae back in to their proper position. This helps reduce muscle and ligament tension…it also  restores proper movement between the bones.

Results vary based on the amount of damage incurred to the spine as well as any pre-existing conditions that may become exacerbated such as an underlying herniated disc or prior neck fusion surgery, but most people feel relief within the first few visits to a chiropractor.

Don’t Feel any Pain?

You might not feel hurt immediately after your accident.  This could be due to the adrenaline rush you are experiencing immediately afterward that blocks out pain.  But that doesn’t mean tissue damage hasn’t occurred.  Many times whiplash symptoms may not show up for weeks or even months after an accident.

This is one reason why you never want to rush out and settle any personal injury claim that gets opened as a result of your accident since you might need healthcare coverage later on.  If you close your case too soon, there is little that can be done with regards to expecting the at-fault party to pay for your medical bills.

Plenty of Experience

Our doctors have over 20 years combined experience treating whiplash injuries from car accidents. So, getting the right doctor to look in to and diagnose your problem will help you prevent future symptoms from showing up. That’s where we can help you recover faster from your injuries.

We also have the same amount of experience in working with personal injury lawyers, so we are always happy to work with them.

Call today

If you have suffered a whiplash injury after a car accident then call us at 614-428-9310 and being treatment today with our Columbus neck injury doctors.

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