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Soccer Speed Training Challenge: Kick Farther

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Download training instructions and workout schedule, here:

How To Increase Your Running Speed

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One of the best kept secrets regarding how to increase your running speed is this: The running motion involves one push phase and two pull phases with your legs. However, 99.99% of any persons training when it comes to trying to increase their speed involved leg exercises that only push and never pull. If you […]

Exercise: The Shrug

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Exercise: The Dumbbell Rack Pull

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Exercise: The Squat

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You Want Him to Pay For Rehabilitation?

I was under the impression that the United States of America the greatest nation on the planet would always honor our veteran’s sacrifices for this great nation. However I am not sure that holds water anymore. When we go off to a foreign land to defend our freedoms we do it for our country and our families. There has […]

Swine flu shot; can you really trust it?

The answer to that question is I don’t know. There have been many different perspectives on the vaccine issue some good and some bad but which one is the correct answer? The big issue I see with the vaccine is that it was rushed through production and has had very little testing to make sure it […]

Massage Therapy with Jamie Wall, LMT.

Back Pain

Military Veterans Healthcare Blog by Jim Wall. Article #1.

We Will Always Remember. If you are a veteran and would like to share some of your experiences with the VA whether they are good or bad please feel free to do so, and if you have any information that will be helpful to us veterans please share. I would like to start a veteran’s […]

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