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Work Injury Treatment for Back Pain – Columbus, Ohio

Dear friend,                                      Did you injure your back at work? Does your back pain prevent you from returning to work? If so, we can help. Slip and Fall Injury at Work Recently a patient came in to our office seeking care for an injury to her lower back. She stated that while working as a teacher… Read More »

Treat Degenerative Disc Disease & Low Back Pain – Columbus, Ohio

Do you have degenerative disc disease causing low back pain? Are you looking for treatment? Here is a case study of one of our patients in Columbus, OH who we were able to help: Patient:  63 year old female, 5’-3”, 145lbs, blood pressure 124/82mmHg, pulse 60bpm, and 14 breaths per minute. Mechanism of Injury: The… Read More »

Spinal Decompression for Lumbar Herniated Disc – Columbus, Ohio

Spinal decompression therapy is the non-surgical treatment of choice for back pain caused by a lumbar herniated disc.  This is one way we helped this patient below in our Columbus, Ohio office: Patient: 42 year old male, 5’-9”, 200lbs, blood pressure 130/80mmHg, pulse 72bpm, and 16 breaths per minute. Mechanism of Injury: The patient was… Read More »

Middle Back Pain Relief Doctor – Chiropractor Columbus, Ohio

Are you suffering with middle back pain from perhaps a work injury or car accident? Are you looking for pain relief by a doctor of chiropractic here in Columbus, Ohio? Dr. Daniel Jurus can help you just like he did for this patient: Patient: 18 year old male, 5’-11”, 165lbs, blood pressure 122/84mmHg, pulse 62bpm,… Read More »

Semi-Truck Crash Treatment for Neck/Back Pain – Columbus, Ohio

Here is a case study of one of our patients who got relief from his pain in our Columbus, OH office: Patient: 34 year old male, 6’-1”, 198lbs, blood pressure 142/94mmHg, pulse 80bpm, and 16 breaths per minute. Mechanism of Injury: The victim was involved in a truck accident and was sleeping in the cabin… Read More »

Columbus Ohio – Chiropractic Back Adjustments for Pain Relief after Work Injury & Car Accident

If you live in or around Columbus, Ohio and have back pain after a work injury or car accident, then a chiropractic back adjustment by Dr. Rick Horsfield may help you get pain relief. Watch Dr. Rick Horsfield, a chiropractor at Northtowne Chiropractic, demonstrate how to perform a lower back adjustment in his clinic. CHIROPRACTIC… Read More »

Lumbar Herniated Disc Pain Relief! Columbus, Ohio SDT

In this video, Dr. Dan Jurus explains what a lumbar herniated disc is and how to get pain relief from spinal decompression therapy (SDT). Hi, my name is Dr. Dan Jurus for Northtowne Chiropractic. Our doctors have over 20 years experience treating injured workers. If you’ve been injured at work and have a herniated disc,… Read More »