Friday, January 19, 2018

You Want Him to Pay For Rehabilitation?

disabled veteranI was under the impression that the United States of America the greatest nation on the planet would always honor our veteran’s sacrifices for this great nation. However I am not sure that holds water anymore. When we go off to a foreign land to defend our freedoms we do it for our country and our families.

There has always been the promise and duty of the government to treat us for wounds that we receive defending this nation. The government promises to take care of us until death and that was earned with blood and sweat. This is a right that no one can take away, not even the president.

It is truly terrible that this government would even consider messing with veterans benefits in the first place. The way I see it is that this country would not even be in existence anymore if it was not for us veterans.

By defending this nation, politicians need to learn that the very fact they are able to be a politician is because of the very freedom and security that the veterans of this nation provided.

There are two videos here one is the white house stating that nothing in the health care reform bill will change our medical benefits. The second video states the complete opposite and has interviews with veterans like you and I.  When you watch the second video, try not to punch your computer screen out of anger.

To president Obama shame on you for even considering this as an option! Find money for the fiscal problems from somewhere else!

Video defending that Veterans health benefits will not change due to health care reform.

Veteran’s outrage

To show your support against the Obama Administration making you pay for your earned benefits call your senators!

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Jim W.

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