Friday, January 19, 2018

Swine flu shot; can you really trust it?

The answer to that question is I don’t know. There have been many different perspectives on the vaccine issue some good and some bad but which one is the correct answer?
The big issue I see with the vaccine is that it was rushed through production and has had very little testing to make sure it is safe. Now the government has assured us all that the vaccine is safe. I think that a reason that there is such concern that the vaccine is safe is because the government says that it is.
Now come on the government never lies right? The distrust of the Federal government is one possible issue as to all of our concerns, because lets face it our elected officials have proven to be two-faced.
Here is an interesting fact that happened before the swine flu became a “pandemic” and it will make you think twice before you trust all of this hype. My question is, if the swine flu is such a health hazard and a “pandemic” in the making, meaning people around the world are exhibiting symptoms, and it allegedly started in Mexico in April 2009 where at least 103 people have died and they had 1,600 reported cases…
Then why wasn’t the border between the United States and Mexico closed immediately and all flights in and out of the country cancelled?
So how does the government know that the vaccine is safe? The Feds have never known if there was any danger so what makes you think they know how to treat the “pandemic?” The Feds said that they knew that this would be a very slight recession when our economy went in the dumps, and now they have said the economy is fixed, well sure seems they were right on that one as well huh? Where are the jobs, when our economy is based 90% on consumer spending? Tell me what do you think?

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